Maximize the Success of Your Exhibiting Investment

If you've not exhibited at a particular event in the past -- or even if you have -- you may be unaware of all the opportunities the event hosts offer to exhibitors. And if you're like most exhibitors nowadays, you're probably facing a restricted travel budget. Often this means that there will be fewer people available to staff your exhibit booth and less (or no) time for you to take a break or walk the show.

We work with exhibitors BEFORE the event. For example:

  • ---> Help you create effective online and print directory exhibitor descriptions
  • ---> Advise on booth display and distributed content, both visual and native language usage
  • ---> Suggest local printers for print and display materials to eliminate overseas shipping costs/delays, reduce risk of loss

Some services we can provide DURING the event:

  • ---> Staff your booth with professional, native speakers having technology backgrounds
  • ---> Walk the exhibit floor, attend presentations, collect materials and discuss observed market/technology trends with you
  • ---> Make business introductions; serve as interpreters when needed
  • ---> Review and assess contacts on a daily basis: scan any business cards received (most events now use badge scanners)

AFTER the event, we can:

  • ---> Suggest content of follow-up contact activity, based on prospect type, business relationship sought
  • ---> Review success, areas for future modification and improvement

If you are planning on exhibiting a BioEvent in the U.S. or in Japan, please contact us for details:

--- United States: Joanne Gucwa --- Japan: Kazumi Iino

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