FEBRUARY, 2014 Gene-Related Patents Issued - Full patent: http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.htm
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,647,826 Nucleic acid and corresponding protein entitled 125P5C8 useful in treatment and detection of cancer Agensys, Inc. 11-Feb-14 United States
8,647,847 L-cysteine-producing bacterium and a method for producing L-cysteine Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 11-Feb-14 Japan
8,642,314 Optimization of expression of parvoviral rep and cap proteins in insect cells Amsterdam Molecular Therapeutics (AMT) B.V. 4-Feb-14 Netherlands
8,652,792 Mutant bacterial strains of the genus Sphingomonas deficient in production of polyhydroxybutyrate and a process of clarification of sphingans and compositions thereof C.P. Kelco U.S., Inc. 18-Feb-14 United States
8,652,839 HM1.24--utilizing cancer vaccines Chugai Seiyaku Kabushiki Kaisha 18-Feb-14 Japan
8,658,356 Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of gene expression by double-stranded RNA City of Hope 25-Feb-14 United States
8,652,820 Thermotolerant Non-K12 Escherichia coli phytase and its production Fujian Fuda Biotech Co. Ltd. 18-Feb-14 China P Rep
8,652,837 Method and means for producing high titer, safe, recombinant lentivirus vectors GBP IP, LLC 18-Feb-14 United States
8,647,863 Minicircle vector production Jechlinger; Gerhard 11-Feb-14 Austria
8,658,363 Cell, method, and assay kit for measuring level of aryl hydrocarbon receptor transcriptional activation Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 25-Feb-14 United States
8,652,815 Transformant comprising gene coding for ws/dgat and method of producing fatty acid ethyl esters using the same Korea University Research and Business Foundation 18-Feb-14 Korea
8,658,408 Process for production of alcohols by microbial fermentation Lanza Tech New Zealand Limited 25-Feb-14 New Zealand
8,642,267 Biomarker for diagnosis of canine cancer National Taiwan University 4-Feb-14 Taiwan
8,642,298 Production of itaconic acid Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast--Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek Tno 4-Feb-14 Netherlands
8,658,357 Orotate transporter encoding marker genes Novozymes A/S 25-Feb-14 Denmark
8,647,822 Determining whether a test compound modulates PD-1 activity in activated immune cells using gene expression profiles Oregon Health & Science University 11-Feb-14 United States
8,658,383 Sweet taste receptor-expressing construct, cell body expressing the same, and utilization thereof T. Hasegawa Co., Ltd. 25-Feb-14 Japan
8,652,787 Use of ERBB4 as a prognostic and therapeutic marker for melanoma The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services 18-Feb-14 United States
8,642,261 Genetic marker for detection of human papillomavirus Trovagene, Inc. 4-Feb-14 United States
8,652,817 Recombinant host cells and media for ethanol production Univeristy of Florida Research Foundation, Inc. 18-Feb-14 United States
8,642,263 High throughput methods comprising analysis of repetitive element DNA methylation University of Southern California 4-Feb-14 United States
8,652,838 Platensimycin biosynthetic gene cluster of Streptomyces platensis Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 18-Feb-14 United States
8,647,819 Association of the progesterone receptor with fertility Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation 11-Feb-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,655,598 Predictive radiosensitivity network model University of South Florida 18-Feb-14 United States
No Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,642,037 Antibodies to insulin-like growth factor I receptor Amgen Fremont Inc. 4-Feb-14 United States
8,642,028 Recombinant adenoviruses encoding the specific iodine transporter (NIS) Aventis Pharma S.A. 4-Feb-14 France
8,647,642 Live bacterial vaccines resistant to carbon dioxide (CO2), acidic PH and/or osmolarity for viral infection prophylaxis or treatment Aviex Technologies, LLC 11-Feb-14 United States
8,658,150 Polymer derived from linear polyethylenimine for gene transfer Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique 25-Feb-14 France
8,642,049 Vaccine against group A beta hemolytic streptococcus and respective process for obtaining thereof Guglielmi; Luiza Guilherme 4-Feb-14 Brazil
8,648,111 N1-2-thiophene-2-ylethyl-N2-substituted biguanide derivate, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing the same as active ingredients Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd. 11-Feb-14 Korea
8,642,647 N1-benzo[1,3]dioxol-5-ylmethyl-N2-substituted biguanide derivative, preparation method thereof, and pharmaceutical composition containing same Hanall Biopharma Co., Ltd. 4-Feb-14 Korea
8,642,007 Method and compound for treatment of cancer using phosphorous-32 labeled DNA Kong; Yanping 4-Feb-14 United States
8,658,160 Composition and method for cancer chemoprevention Lin; Henry John 25-Feb-14 United States
8,647,616 Agents and method for treating inflammation-related conditions and diseases Loma Linda University 11-Feb-14 United States
8,642,571 Therapeutic uses of inhibitors of RTP801 Quark Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 4-Feb-14 United States
8,658,593 Treatment of extracellular matrix to reduce inflammation The Cleveland Clinic Foundation 25-Feb-14 United States
8,642,534 Proteins and polynucleotides of Vibrio cholerae The Regents of the University of California 4-Feb-14 United States
8,642,549 OCL-2A3 compositions and uses thereof The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 4-Feb-14 United States
8,642,011 Tuberculosis vaccine Universidad de Zaragoza 4-Feb-14 Spain
8,652,460 Gene delivery system and method of use University of Southern California 18-Feb-14 United States
8,653,044 Sex-specific regulation of aging and apoptosis University of Southern California 18-Feb-14 United States
8,647,641 Mycobacterium tuberculosis vaccine University of Zurich 11-Feb-14 Switzerland
8,642,045 Recombinant virus vector originating in HHV-6 or HHV-7, method of producing the same, method of transforming host cell using the same, host cell transformed thereby and gene therapy method using the same Virus Ikagaku Kenkyusho Inc. 4-Feb-14 Japan
8,658,608 Modified triple-helix forming oligonucleotides for targeted mutagenesis Yale University 25-Feb-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,642,837 Method to increase pathogen resistance in plants Expressive Research B.V 4-Feb-14 Netherlands
8,653,329 Cloning and application of a pleiotropic gene Ghd7 that controls grains yield, heading date and plant height of rice Huazhong Agricultural University 18-Feb-14 China P Rep
8,653,331 Photobiological hydrogen production with switchable photosystem-II designer algae Lee; James Weifu 18-Feb-14 United States
8,658,855 Diacylglycerol acyltransferase 2 genes and proteins encoded thereby from algae National Research Council of Canada 25-Feb-14 Canada
8,653,330 Compositions and methods for altering the morphology of plants National Science Foundation 18-Feb-14 United States
8,648,228 MSCA1 nucleotide sequences impacting plant male fertility and method of using same Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc 11-Feb-14 United States
8,648,232 Early-maturing transgenic plants Riken 11-Feb-14 Japan
8,642,839 Method for the transient expression of nucleic acids in plants Syngenta Participations AG 4-Feb-14 Switzerland
8,653,325 Increased seed size and seed number through transgenic over expression of revoluta protein during early embryo development Targeted Growth, Inc. 18-Feb-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,642,730 Endoglucanases Novozymes A/S 4-Feb-14 Denmark
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,658,782 Compositions and methods for inhibiting expression of factor V Alynylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 25-Feb-14 United States
8,658,778 hTMC promoter and vectors for the tumor-selective and high-efficient expression of cancer therapeutic genes Board of Regents, The University of Texas System ( 25-Feb-14 United States
8,653,249 Expression vector for mass production of foreign gene-derived protein using animal cell and use thereof Fuso Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd. 18-Feb-14 Japan
8,653,251 Methods and kits for nucleic acid amplification Genisphere Inc. 18-Feb-14 United States
8,648,185 RNA interference mediated inhibition of gene expression using chemically modified short interfering nucleic acid (siNA) Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. 11-Feb-14 United States
8,653,252 Short interfering RNA (siRNA) analogues Santaris Pharma A/S 18-Feb-14 Denmark
8,653,045 Induction of thyroid iodide-handling gene expression in human cancers The Johns Hopkins University 18-Feb-14 United States
8,658,785 siRNA targeting tie-2 Thermo Fisher Scientific Biosciences Inc. 25-Feb-14 United States
8,658,784 siRNA targeting amyloid beta (A4) precursor protein (APP) Thermo Fisher Scientific Biosciences Inc. 25-Feb-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,642,505 Control of shoot/foliar feeding pests with pesticide seed treatments Monsanto Technology, LLC 4-Feb-14 United States
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