APRIL, 2014 Gene-Related Patents Issued - Full patent: http://patft.uspto.gov/netahtml/PTO/srchnum.htm
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,703,496 Biological markers for longevity and diseases and uses thereof Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University 22-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,703,446 Method for producing an L-amino acid using a bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 22-Apr-14 Japan
8,691,537 Method for producing an L-amino acid using a bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family with attenuated expression of the rcsA gene Ajinomoto Co., Ltd. 8-Apr-14 Japan
8,709,765 Manipulation of an alternative respiratory pathway in photo-autotrophs Aurora Algae, Inc. 29-Apr-14 United States
8,685,723 VCP-based vectors for algal cell transformation Aurora Algae, Inc. 1-Apr-14 United States
8,691,536 Pectin lyase, pectin lyase polynucleotide, enzyme preparation, and method for producing single cells of plant tissue Bio-I Co., Ltd. 8-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,721 Stable constitutively high expression vector for preparing HPV vaccine and recombinant lactic acid bacteria transformed thereby Bioleaders Corporation 1-Apr-14 Korea
8,691,782 Single-stranded nucleic acid molecule having nitrogen-containing alicyclic skeleton BONAC Corporation 8-Apr-14 Japan
8,703,469 Baculoviruses with enhanced virion production and a method for the production of baculoviruses Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research 22-Apr-14 United States
8,691,540 Butanol dehydrogenase enzyme from the bacterium Achromobacter xylosoxidans Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC 8-Apr-14 Germany
8,709,782 Targeted gene deletions for polysaccharide slime formers C.P. Kelco U.S., Inc. 29-Apr-14 United States
8,697,395 Use of meganucleases for inducing homologous recombination ex vivo and in toto in vertebrate somatic tissues and application thereof Cellectis S.A. 15-Apr-14 France
8,703,444 Pichia pastoris deficient in endogenous secreted protease Centre Hospitalier Universitaire Vaudois 22-Apr-14 Switzerland
8,709,719 ZNF217 a new prognostic and predictive biomarker of recurrent invasive and metastatic phenotypes in breast cancer Centre Leon Berard 29-Apr-14 France
8,709,766 Use of endogenous promoters in genetic engineering of Nannochloropsis gaditana Colorado School of Mines 29-Apr-14 United States
8,685,677 Detection of AAD-12 soybean event 416 Dow AgroSciences, LLC. 1-Apr-14 United States
8,697,354 RNA-exit-channel: target and method for inhibition of bacterial RNA polymerase Ebright; Richard H. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,691,503 Method and nucleic acids for the analysis of colorectal cell proliferative disorders Epigenomics AG 8-Apr-14 Germany
8,691,507 Inhibitors of human EZH2 and methods of use thereof Epizyme, Inc. 8-Apr-14 United States
8,691,533 Inducible gene expression GeneArt AG 8-Apr-14 Germany
8,697,394 Production of modified glycoproteins having multiple antennary structures Glycofi, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,703,425 Biomarker for gastric cancer he Chinese University of Hong Kong 22-Apr-14 Hong Kong
8,685,700 Method for enhancing production polyhydroxyalkanoic acid from microorganism strains Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation Gyeongsang National University 1-Apr-14 United States
8,709,799 Lentiviral gene transfer vectors and their medicinal applications Institut Pasteur 29-Apr-14 France
8,691,527 Substitution mutant receptors and their use in a nuclear receptor-based inducible gene expression system Intrexon Corporation 8-Apr-14 United States
8,691,514 Method for selective control of helper T cell function Japan Science and Technology Agency 8-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,691 Method for producing aminopeptidase JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. 1-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,645 Screening method and vector, vector library, and assay kit used therefor Kabushiki Kaisha Toshiba 1-Apr-14 Japan
8,691,505 Promoter for use in transformation of algae Kochi University 8-Apr-14 Japan
8,697,415 Deacetylation hydrolase of hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid deacetylated by same and derivative thereof Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences 15-Apr-14 Korea
8,685,671 Process for producing recombinant glycoproteins by culturing a Hansenula polymorpha mutant strain Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology 1-Apr-14 Korea
8,709,812 Drug comprising as the active ingredient proliferative vector containing survivin promoter Kosai; Kenichiro 29-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,701 Recombinant Ralstonia eutropha capable of producing polylactic acid or polylatic acid compolymer, and method for producing polylactic acid or polylatic acid copolymer using same LG Chem, Ltd. 1-Apr-14 Korea
8,685,673 Method for producing indole derivative National Chiao Tung University 1-Apr-14 Taiwan
8,685,653 Method for stable gene-amplification in a bacterial host cell Novozymes A/S 1-Apr-14 Denmark
8,691,506 Gene expression profiles being predictive for the response of tumors to pharmaceutically effective compounds Oncotest GmbH 8-Apr-14 Germany
8,685,641 Method of screening compounds for treating bladder cancer OncoTherapy Science, Inc. 1-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,704 Microorganism for the production of succinic acid Organo-Balance GmbH 1-Apr-14 Germany
8,703,481 Episomal expression vector for metazoan cells Ozer; Harvey L. 22-Apr-14 United States
8,709,714 Laminar library screen Padgett; Hal S. 29-Apr-14 United States
8,691,501 Farnesyltransferase inhibitors for treatment of laminopathies, cellular aging and atherosclerosis Progeria Research Foundation, Inc. 8-Apr-14 United States
8,685,703 Coryneform bacterium transformant having improved D-xylose-utilizing ability Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth 1-Apr-14 Japan
8,709,721 Fluorescent molecule and method for detecting target nucleic acid Riken 29-Apr-14 Japan
8,691,554 Modified yeast consuming L-arabinose Scandinavian Technology Group AB 8-Apr-14 Sweden
8,697,427 Recombinant microalgae cells producing novel oils Solazyme, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,697,358 Non-invasive method for diagnosis of prostate cancer Technische Universitaet Dresden 15-Apr-14 Germany
8,697,359 CRISPR-Cas systems and methods for altering expression of gene products The Broad Institute, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,697,381 Methods for identifying modulators of RGS21 activity, compositions comprising an RGS21 Modulator, and methods of use thereof to modulate taste sensation The Coca-Cola Company 15-Apr-14 United States
8,685,660 Genetic alterations in isocitrate dehydrogenase and other genes in malignant glioma The Johns Hopkins University 1-Apr-14 United States
8,685,687 Chimeric zinc finger recombinases optimized for catalysis by directed evolution The Scripps Research Institute 1-Apr-14 United States
8,685,720 Engineered cellular pathways for programmed autoregulation of differentiation The Trustees of Princeton University 1-Apr-14 United States
8,697,417 Baculoviral vectors comprising repeated coding sequences with differential codon biases Uniqure IP B.V. 15-Apr-14 Netherlands
8,709,800 Methods of isolating bipotent hepatic progenitor cells University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 29-Apr-14 United States
8,691,579 Methods of isolating bipotent hepatic progenitor cells University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 8-Apr-14 United States
8,697,361 Serotonin transporter gene and treatment of alcoholism University of Virginia Patent Foundation 15-Apr-14 United States
8,709,754 Recombinant vectors for use in position-independent transgene expression within chromatin University of Washington 29-Apr-14 United States
8,709,720 Methods and kits for predicting the responsiveness of hepatocellular carcinoma patients to 5-fluorouracil-based combination chemotherapy Yeh; Chau-Ting 29-Apr-14 Taiwan
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,697,607 Generation and application of standardized universal libraries Chen; Tao 15-Apr-14 Canada
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,700,335 System and method for determining individualized medical intervention for a disease state Caris MPI, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,712,935 Evolutionary clustering algorithm Koninklijke Philips N.V. 29-Apr-14 Netherlands
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,691,238 High growth reassortant influenza A virus Baxter Healthcare SA 8-Apr-14 Switzerland
8,703,729 Mixture comprising an inhibitor or suppressor of a gene and a molecule binding to an expression product of that gene Biognostik Gesellschaft fur Biomolekulare Diagnostik mbH 22-Apr-14 Germany
8,697,137 Methods of using microspheres for active embolization Biosphere Medical, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,710,017 Human and mouse targeting peptides identified by phage display Board of Regents, The University of Texas Systems 29-Apr-14 United States
8,703,161 Skin repair compositions comprising circadian gene activators and a synergistic combination of Sirt1 gene activators ELC Management, LLC 22-Apr-14 United States
8,709,442 Recombinant negative strand virus RNA expression systems and vaccines ICAHN School of Medicine at Mount Sinai 29-Apr-14 United States
8,691,785 Compositions and methods for non-parenteral delivery of oligonucleotides Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 8-Apr-14 United States
8,697,050 Methods of treatment using a vector encoding p21/.sup.Cip1 Miyasaka; Nobuyuki 15-Apr-14 Japan
8,685,409 Influenza T-cell immunization against diverse influenza A viruses Mogam Biotechnology Research Institute 1-Apr-14 Korea
8,710,003 Treatment of diabetes with milk protein hydrolysate Nestec S.A. 29-Apr-14 Switzerland
8,709,397 Avirulent oncolytic herpes simplex virus strains engineered to counter the innate host response New York University 29-Apr-14 United States
8,697,049 Modified bacteriophage including an alpha/beta small acid-soluble spore protein (SASP) gene Phico Therapeutics Ltd. 15-Apr-14 United Kingdom
8,697,665 Porphobilinogen deaminase gene therapy Proyecto de Biomedicina CIMA S.L. 15-Apr-14 Spain
8,685,368 Polyamides for nucleic acid delivery Reineke; Theresa M 1-Apr-14 United States
8,703,731 Sphingosine-bound siRNA Sylentis S.A.U. 22-Apr-14 Spain
8,709,412 Modulation of TIM receptor activity in combination with cytoreductive therapy The Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University 29-Apr-14 United States
8,685,929 Detecting CYP24 expression level as a marker for predisposition to cancer The Regents of the University of California 1-Apr-14 United States
8,685,387 Simian E adenoviruses SAdV-39, -25.2, -26, -30, -37, and -38 The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 1-Apr-14 United States
8,686,016 Schweinfurthins and uses thereof The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services 1-Apr-14 United States
8,685,385 Soft tissue and bone augmentation and bulking utilizing muscle-derived progenitor cells, compositions and treatments thereof Univeristy of Pittsburgh--of the Commonwelath System of Higher Education 1-Apr-14 United States
8,697,095 Inhibition of replication of oncogenic herpesviruses University of South Florida 15-Apr-14 United States
8,685,946 Sequence-specific inhibition of small RNA function Universiy of Massachusetts 1-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,709,526 Use of a high-oleic and high-tocol diet in combination with a non-tocol antioxidant for improving animal meat quality E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company 29-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,692,051 Methods for testing for caloric restriction (CR) mimetics BioMarker Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 8-Apr-14 United States
8,710,301 Method for producing male sterile plants using plant beclin 1/ATG6 expression Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 29-Apr-14 India
8,692,072 Plant transcription factors E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company 8-Apr-14 United States
8,692,070 Plants with improved nitrogen utilization and stress tolerance Iowa Corn Promotion Board 8-Apr-14 United States
8,697,949 Temporal regulation of gene expression by MicroRNAs Monsanto Technology LLC 15-Apr-14 United States
8,692,068 Promoter molecules for use in plants Monsanto Technology LLC 8-Apr-14 United States
8,692,071 Drought responsive promoters HVA22e and PLDdelta identified from Arabidopsis thaliana Monsanto Technology LLC 8-Apr-14 United States
8,704,041 Methods and compositions for targeted polynucleotide modification Pioneer Hi Bred International Inc 22-Apr-14 United States
8,692,052 Genetically modified mice and engraftment Regeneron Pharmaceuticals 8-Apr-14 United States
8,692,053 Soybean gene for resistance to alphis glycines The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois 8-Apr-14 United States
8,686,224 Plant defense signal peptides Washington State University Research Foundation 1-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,686,114 Variant sucrose transporter polypeptides E I du Pont de Nemours and Company 1-Apr-14 United States
8,710,186 Taste receptors of the T1R family from domestic cat Monell Chemical Senses Center 29-Apr-14 United States
8,710,191 Antibodies to CCR2 Pfizer Inc. 29-Apr-14 United States
8,703,921 Compositions and methods for delivering inhibitory oligonucleotides The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary, Department of Health & Human Services 22-Apr-14 United States
8,703,909 Selective delivery of molecules into cells or marking of cells in diseased tissue regions using environmentally sensitive transmembrane peptide Yale University 22-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,691,962 Peroxidase gene nematode inducible promotors and methods of use BASF Plant Science GmbH 8-Apr-14 Germany
8,691,786 Methods and compositions for the specific inhibition of gene expression by double-stranded RNA City of Hope 8-Apr-14 United States
8,703,930 Cancer cell-specific apoptosis-inducing agents that target chromosome stabilization-associated genes Genecare Research Institute Co., Ltd. 22-Apr-14 Japan
8,710,209 Modulation of HSP47 expression Nitto Denko Corporation 29-Apr-14 Japan
8,697,851 MiRNA-regulated differentiation-dependent self-deleting cassette Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 15-Apr-14 United States
8,697,853 TAL effector-mediated DNA modification Regents of the University of Minnesota 15-Apr-14 United States
8,703,929 Compositions comprising siRNA and plasmids Senesco Technologies, Inc. 22-Apr-14 United States
8,686,125 Chimeric promoters comprising MYB10 repeat element and methods for regulating plant gene expression The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited 1-Apr-14 New Zealand
8,710,207 Compositions, organisms, systems, and methods for expressing a gene product in plants using SCBV expression control sequences operable in monocots and dicots The Texas A&M University Systems 29-Apr-14 United States
8,691,966 RNA containing modified nucleosides and methods of use thereof The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 8-Apr-14 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,704,165 Gene detecting methods without using PCR Huang; Lequn 22-Apr-14 United States
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