JANUARY, 2012 Gene-Related Patents Issued - Full patent
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,101,372 Diagnosis and therapy of cancer using SGP28-related molecules Agensys, Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
8,088,606 Method for producing an L-amino acid using bacterium of the Enterobacteriaceae family with attenuated expression of a gene coding for small RNA Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 3-Jan-12 Japan
8,105,802 Method of producing microbial transglutaminase Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 31-Jan-12 Japan
8,097,412 DNA-based test for detection of annual and intermediate ryegrass BioDiagnostics, Inc. 17-Jan-12 United States
8,093,001 Detection and diagnosis of smoking related cancers Board of Regents, The University of Texas System 10-Jan-12 United States
8,097,448 Genetically modified yeast of the species Issatchenkia orientalis and closely relates species, and fermentation processes using same Cargill Inc. 17-Jan-12 United States
8,088,577 Assay for methylation in the GST-Pi gene Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 3-Jan-12 United States
8,093,004 Method of detecting and predicting bronchodilatory response to beta agonist Council of Scientific & Industrial Research 10-Jan-12 India
8,105,774 PGC-1.beta., PGC-1 homologue and uses therefor Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Inc. 31-Jan-12 United States
8,097,460 Ethanol production in bacillus Elsworth Biotechnology Limited ( 17-Jan-12 United Kingdom
8,105,786 Method of producing a low molecular weight organic compound in a cell Evolva SA 31-Jan-12 Switzerland
8,101,358 Method of profiling gene expression in a subject having disease GeneNews Corporation 24-Jan-12 United States
8,097,418 Methods and kits for sense RNA synthesis Genisphere, LLC 17-Jan-12 United States
8,093,042 Lentiviral triplex DNA, and vectors and recombinant cells containing lentiviral triplex DNA Institut Pasteur 10-Jan-12 France
8,092,989 Targeting the histone code as a bacterial strategy for selectively modulating gene expression Institut Pasteur 10-Jan-12 France
8,097,423 MN/CA IX and breast cancer therapy Institute of Virology 17-Jan-12 Slovakia
8,105,775 IL-1 gene cluster and associated inflammatory polymorphisms and haplotypes Interleukin Genetics, Inc. 31-Jan-12 United States
8,101,360 IL-1 gene cluster, insulin resistance and coronary artery disease associated polymorphisms and haplotypes and methods of using same Interleukin Genetics, Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
8,105,825 Multiple inducible gene regulation system Intrexon Corporation 31-Jan-12 United States
8,105,803 Phosphatases involved in the regulation of cardiomyocyte differentiation Keio University 31-Jan-12 Japan
8,101,355 Method for cloning and expressing target gene by homologous recombination Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology 24-Jan-12 United States
8,088,623 Dominant selection marker for the transformation of fungi Leclerque; Andreas 3-Jan-12 Germany
8,105,776 Breed-specific haplotypes for polled phenotypes in cattle Merial Limited 31-Jan-12 United States
8,101,390 Mutant-type acetyltransferase Mpr1 National University Corporation Nara Institute of Science and Technology 24-Jan-12 Japan
8,093,036 Methods for producing hyaluronan in a recombinant host cell Novozymes, Inc. 10-Jan-12 United States
8,088,567 Human immortalised neural precursor cell line NsGene A/S 3-Jan-12 Denmark
8,088,589 Gene and protein expression profiles associated with the therapeutic efficacy of EGFR-TK inhibitors Nuclea Biomarkers, LLC 3-Jan-12 United States
8,105,826 Nucleotide and amino acid sequences relating to respiratory diseases and obesity Oscient Pharmaceuticals Corporation 31-Jan-12 United States
8,092,996 Method for detecting cystic fibrosis Quest Diagnostics Investments Incorporated 10-Jan-12 United States
8,092,992 Transcriptional regulation of gene expression by small double-stranded modulatory RNA Salk Institute for Biological Studies 10-Jan-12 United States
8,101,342 DNA vaccine for treating or preventing cervical cancer comprising a gene encoding HPV protein Sungkyunkwan University Foundation For Corporate Collaboration 24-Jan-12 Korea
8,088,622 P27 and P21 in gene therapies The General Hospital Corporation 3-Jan-12 United States
8,105,769 Method to determine responsiveness of cancer to epidermal growth factor receptor targeting treatments The General Hospital Corporation 31-Jan-12 United States
8,093,000 Methods for predicting and treating tumors resistant to drug, immunotherapy, and radiation The Regents of the University of California 10-Jan-12 United States
8,105,796 Regulation of expression of PI3K.beta. protein in tumors Universita' Degli Studi di Torino 31-Jan-12 Italy
8,088,579 Complement factor H for diagnosis of age-related macular degeneration University of Iowa Research Foundation 3-Jan-12 United States
8,097,410 Methods and compositions for vitamin K epoxide reductase University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 17-Jan-12 United States
8,105,834 Muscle derived cells for the treatment of urinary tract pathologies and methods of making and using same University of Pittsburgh--Of the Commonwealth System of Higher Education 31-Jan-12 United States
8,088,587 Genetic variants increase the risk of age-related macular degeneration Vanderbilt University 3-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,101,563 Proteases from gram-positive organisms Danisco US Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,090,542 Functional and hyperfunctional siRNA Dharmacon Inc. 3-Jan-12 United States
8,090,541 Map-based genome mining method for identifying regulatory loci controlling the level of gene transcripts and products DNA Landmarks Inc. 3-Jan-12 Canada
8,099,298 Genetic data analysis and database tools Genelex, inc 17-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,101,191 Mycobacterial SecA2 mutants Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University 24-Jan-12 United States
8,101,584 Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a given gene Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
8,097,597 Use of low doses of oligonucleotides antisense to TGF-.beta. genes in the treatment of brain tumors Antisense Pharma GmbH 17-Jan-12 Germany
8,105,606 Chimeric proteins that induce effects directed against viruses Centro de Ingenieria Genetica y Biotecnologia 31-Jan-12 Cuba
8,101,585 Compositions and methods for the modulation of JNK proteins Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
8,106,015 Method for enhancing immune response with peptide Juridical Foundation The Chemo-Sero-Therapeutic Research Institute 31-Jan-12 Japan
8,101,168 Attenuated FNR deficient enterobacteria North Carolina State University 24-Jan-12 United States
8,106,024 Method of treating cancer with an RPN2 gene expression inhibitor Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 31-Jan-12 Japan
8,105,574 Simian adenovirus nucleic acid and amino acid sequences, vectors containing same, and methods of use The Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania 31-Jan-12 United States
8,101,577 Oxidative DNA damage protection University of Massachusetts 24-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,093,459 Modification of plant development and morphology Advanced Technologies (Cambridge) Limited 10-Jan-12 United Kingdom
8,088,971 Expression enhancing intron sequences BASF Plant Science GmbH 3-Jan-12 Germany
8,088,974 Production of polyunsaturated fatty acids, novel biosynthesis genes, and novel plant expression constructs BASF Plant Science GmbH 3-Jan-12 Germany
8,088,978 Omega-3 fatty acid desaturase family members and uses thereof Bioriginal Food & Science Corp. 3-Jan-12 Canada
8,106,255 Targeted chromosomal mutagenasis using zinc finger nucleases Carroll; Dana 31-Jan-12 United States
8,088,973 Plant Myb transcription factor homologs E. I. du Pont de Nemours And Company 3-Jan-12 United States
8,097,776 Method of producing double low restorer lines of Brassica napus having a good agronomic value Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique 17-Jan-12 France
8,093,454 Transgene assay using stable agrobacterium rhizogenes transformation Monsanto Technology LLC 10-Jan-12 United States
8,088,976 Methods for genetic control of plant pest infestation and compositions thereof Monsanto Technology LLC 3-Jan-12 United States
8,101,824 Method of constructing transgenic ice plant Saga University 24-Jan-12 Japan
8,101,821 Promotion of somatic embryogenesis in plants by Wuschel gene expression The Rockefeller University 24-Jan-12 United States
8,088,968 Transgenic animals for analyzing CYP3A4 cytochrome P450 gene regulation The University of Sydney 3-Jan-12 Australia
8,097,768 Method of enhancing quality factors in cotton University of North Texas 17-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,097,697 Tumor antigen protein SART-3 and tumor antigen peptides thereof Green Peptide Co., Ltd. 17-Jan-12 Japan
8,093,361 Anti-perp antibody Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd 10-Jan-12 Japan
8,093,362 Anti-PERP recombinant antibody Kyowa Hakko Kirin Co., Ltd. 10-Jan-12 United States
8,093,365 Biocompatible materials containing stable complexes method of TSG-6 and hyaluronan and method of using same New York University 10-Jan-12 United States
8,106,171 Nel-related type 1 polypeptide Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 31-Jan-12 Japan
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,101,738 ABFB-2 gene from Penicillium funiculosum Adisseo France S.A.S. 24-Jan-12 France
8,101,742 Method and medicament for inhibiting the expression of a given gene Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc. 24-Jan-12 United States
8,106,172 Nucleic acid sequences that can be used as primers and probes in the amplification and detection of SARS coronavirus Biomerieux, B.V. 31-Jan-12 Netherlands
8,088,915 Methods for modulating IKK.alpha. activity Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. 3-Jan-12 United States
8,106,178 Probe, probe set, probe-immobilized carrier, and genetic testing method Canon Kabushiki Kaisha 31-Jan-12 Japan
8,101,343 Delivery of dsRNA to arthropods Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation 24-Jan-12 Australia
8,093,370 siRNA targeting spleen tyrosine kinase Dharmacon, Inc. 10-Jan-12 United States
8,088,913 Compositions and methods for therapy and diagnosis of cancer Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG 3-Jan-12 Germany
8,097,715 Multitargeting interfering RNAs having two active strands and methods for their design and use Johnson & Johnson Research PTY Limited 17-Jan-12 Australia
8,088,907 Detection of mutations in a gene associated with resistance to viral infection, OAS1 Kineta Two, LLC 3-Jan-12 United States
8,093,368 DR5 gene promoter and SIAH-1 gene promoter Oncolys Biopharma Inc. 10-Jan-12 United States
8,097,710 Gene silencing Plant Bioscience Limited 17-Jan-12 Australia
8,101,741 Modified siRNA molecules and uses thereof Protiva Biotherapeutics, Inc. 24-Jan-12 Canada
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,092,429 Needle assembly for use in delivering precise dosages of proteinaceous pharmaceutical compositions and methods for use of same Ceregene, Inc. 10-Jan-12 United States
Pat No Title Assignee Date Issued Country
8,093,346 Method for producing an aminohydroxybenzoic acid-type compound Ajinomoto Co., Inc. 10-Jan-12 United States
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