Roadmap to Your Future (Strategy Development)

  • The strengths and weaknesses of your biocluster serve as guideposts for us to work with you in designing a comprehensive plan to reach your objectives -- objectives that are supported by solid return on investment principles, both tangible and non-tangible.
  • The plan covers each of the segments and factors, focusing on sustainable success that is based on the unique set of competitive advantages that your own biocluster already has or can be reasonably expected to attain.
  • Just as unexpected construction on concrete highways results in delays or requires detours, your roadmap needs to be flexible to adapt to changing conditions.
Biocluster Success - Introduction
Organizational Infrastructure (Audit 1)
Inventory of Players (Audit 2)
Networks of Player Categories (Audit 3)
External Resources Networks (Audit 4)
Current Results (Audit 5)
People Qualities (Audit 6)
Success in the Details (Audit 7)
The Big Picture (Audit 8)

Begin the Journey (Implementation)


Let's take another look at  Audit 8's Big Picture chart of a hypothetical biocluster (it IS a total figment of our imagination and does not resemble any biocluster we know).

Biocluster analysis example - strengths and weaknesses: spider chart

A casual observer of this chart would conclude that startups are thriving.

What's wrong with this picture?

The startups have possibly been drawn to the region by attractive government incentives. It's also possible that some of them have out-of-town investors. However, the scarcity of local funding, incubators, hospitals, large companies, universities and student programs is a strong indication that this condition is simply not sustainable.

Biotech companies -- small and large -- need a tremendous amount of patient, sustained funding and support from other types of organizations. Furthermore, a domino effect that would cause the collapse of the whole system may occur in the future, as a lack of early and middle school science programs means future university science majors and fewer prospective employees from which to draw.

So, there is substantial risk in concluding that the needs of startups (and early education, for example) could be ignored in the quest to attract, let's say, big companies with their large number of employees and job creation potential.

In helping you design a flexible Roadmap to Your Future that adapts to changing conditions, we work with you to think through these kinds of issues, viewing your biocluster as an organic entity with a myriad of interconnected relationships.

And if you like, once your Roadmap is created, we can also help communicate and implement your Biocluster Success Plan.

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