People (Audit 6)

  • Only People, leveraging available resources and creating efficient networks, can produce the kinds of collaboration that produce positive results within a biocluster. What kinds of people are they? What characteristics do they exhibit? What skills to they need to possess?
  • They are scientists, certainly; they are also organization managers and administrators, government officials, savvy marketers, visionary funders and others in both private and public sectors. They are specialists and generalists; they are reative, energetic, persuasive, persistent, responsible, ethical, knowledgeable, enthusiastic and dedicated, among many admirable, indispensable characteristics.
  • The diversity of results needed for your biocluster's success requires a diversity of people with diverse characteristics and skills. We help you identify which characteristics are vital for achieving each of your targeted results based on the process created in module 5, identify the people within your biocluster who are best suited to achieve your goals and gaps that need to be filled.
Biocluster Success - Introduction
Organizational Infrastructure (Audit 1)
Inventory of Players (Audit 2)
Networks of Player Categories (Audit 3)
External Resources Networks (Audit 4)
Current Results (Audit 5)
People Qualities (Audit 6)
Success in the Details (Audit 7)
The Big Picture (Audit 8)
Roadmap to Your Future (Strategy Development)
Begin the Journey (Implementation)


We're well aware of the "paralysis by analysis" pitfall in collecting and analyzing data. Every step of our Biocluster Success Audit focuses on the ultimate goal of creating real and lasting value for your biocluster.

Our streamlined process was developed to defeat the tendency to spend a disproportionate amount of time and resources on data collection and analysis, yet provide you with a robust amount of information and thorough evaluation of that information that  you can continue to apply once the work is complete. Next, a look at the details.

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