Results Audit (Audit 5)

  • Network vibrancy alone is as meaningless as aimless web surfing. The interactions between and among members of your biocluster network need to produce tangible results. We help you think through what is important to your biocluster's success and assess the status of those elements. Although not an exhaustive list, these might include:
  • Patent applications, patents, IP licensing deals
  • Commercialized products
  • M&A activity
  • Jobs
  • Tech journal publications
  • Events hosted (# people, $ generated, deals done)
  • New products introduced
  • Social/community investments (quality of life)
  • Grants, funding received (e.g. NIH, NSF, SBIR)
  • Tax, other economic incentives in place
  • Social media links (e.g. LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Marketing activity, centralized information, website
  • Leveraging of local bioregion resources
Biocluster Success - Introduction
Organizational Infrastructure (Audit 1)
Inventory of Players (Audit 2)
Networks of Player Categories (Audit 3)
External Resources Networks (Audit 4)

People Qualities (Audit 6)
Success in the Details (Audit 7)
The Big Picture (Audit 8)
Roadmap to Your Future (Strategy Development)
Begin the Journey (Implementation)

  • We work with you to produce a ranked inventory of your biocluster's current status.


As we all know (and most of us tend to forget), organizations don't create networks or produce results...PEOPLE do.

Who is vital in supplementing your excellent scientists?

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