Organizational Infrastructure (Audit 1)


We discuss and review with you:

  1. The categories of each type of organization (types illustrated in the diagram below)
  2. Importance and relevance of each type of organization to a biocluster

10-point figure of biocluster organizations

What is the value of this step?

  • This infrastructure analysis offers a perspective of the organizational "inventory" existing in your local area in terms of potential impact on the future vibrancy and success of the biocluster. Simply put, it assures that no local resource is overlooked -- it's far more costly to attract new organizations and people to an area than it is to fully leverage those that already exist in your own back yard.
  • Professional Services/Suppliers offers a good example of overlooked biocluster resources. At first glance, computer hardware and software suppliers might not appear on your list of biocluster resources. Nor might public relations or marketing services. Yet these companies offer critical IT skills and marketing savvy that every successful biocluster requires.
  • So, armed with an understanding of both the apparent and the "hidden" treasures of your biocluster, the next step is to conduct your inventory of resources.
Biocluster Success - Introduction

Inventory of Players (Audit 2)
Networks of Player Categories (Audit 3)
External Resources Networks (Audit 4)
Current Results (Audit 5)
People Qualities (Audit 6)
Success in the Details (Audit 7)
The Big Picture (Audit 8)
Roadmap to Your Future (Strategy Development)
Begin the Journey (Implementation)

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